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Experienced. Sophisticated. Strategic.

We are a partner with our clients.  Our firm has extensive hands-on experience providing staffing solutions at the highest levels across myriad industries. From the high volume placements needed to staff an expanding technology or manufacturing company to finding the key executive needed to round out a leadership team, we’ve done it all.


Case Study

Here at Hire Initiatives, we know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to staffing. Every organization is unique, as are the wide range of candidates needed to make them successful. That’s why our wealth of experience working with a wide range of clients, from small to large, is so crucial: we have a solid and varied base of knowledge to apply to any number of industries.


One of those industries is agriculture. In 2011, the head of HR for a large international manufacturer in that sector contacted Lynette Vallecillo, our President and Talent Acquisition Expert. Like so many organizations, they needed high-quality candidates that would fit seamlessly into their culture, but didn’t have the internal resources to find them. They turned to Hire Initiatives to fill an Executive Leadership role for North America region, secure in two pieces of knowledge: one, that they were not experts in the realm of recruiting and hiring, and two, that Lynette and her team are. That knowledge was strengthened by having previously worked with her and developing an abiding trust in her deep knowledge of all things employment.


After successfully identifying and hiring the right candidate, Hire Initiatives was engaged to fill multiple other positions for this leading manufacturer and distributor of crop protection solutions. We applied a tailored approach to the client’s needs in each and every placement as many of the searches for this particular client were targeted at passive candidates. Each and every placement was successful, something Lynette credits to her team’s focus on identifying candidates with a strong blend of industry knowledge, job skills and cultural fit during the hiring process.  


To ensure ongoing success, Lynette stresses the importance of communication to ensure an ongoing partnership. For Hire Initiatives, this involves striving to understand not just the particular role and the client’s immediate needs, but also the client’s overall business and longer-term needs. Rather than a vendor relationship, it is a partnership, Lynette explains -- entailing a high degree of engagement and the capacity to serve as the client’s “recruiting arm” in a range of facets.